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Last Updated: October 3, 2023

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Hedge Trimming

Have you ever driven by a house and said, “Look at that beautiful hedge” A hedge can make a home stand out. It can be a living fence or barrier to separate space or a simple decorative border to add colour and formality. A mature hedge can not be purchased from a shop; it needs to be planted, spaced correctly and nurtured until it joins together to create a formal shape.

Most homes, unit blocks & even sunny balconies have hedges; there are wide varieties of plants that can be grown into a hedge. It just takes time, love & patience and some trimming skills.

If you have a hedge just like I do. Well, I have the tools & eyes to shape and trim your hedge to keep it looking good all year round.

Contact me, Peter today! 0438 625 466

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First published: 29th May 2023

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