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Last Updated: May 6, 2024

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Garden Weeding

The funny things in life; Why do weeds grow better than plants? Most weeds grow fast by having competitive genetics that allows rapid growth & reproduction.

Regular weeding is essential as weeds can quickly take over your garden and affect the growth of some of your plants. They also make your garden look messy and untidy.

Garden weeding is one of the most unenjoyable jobs in the garden, usually down on your knees in an uncomfortable position. Then you constantly get up & down to empty the bucket, plus, to top it all off, a month or two later, those pesty weeds start popping up again!

Well, let me do that work for you. I love tidying up garden beds & backyards, bringing back to life your outdoor garden space. Once finished, you’ll feel happier and may want to spend more time in that place.

Call me, Peter today: 0438 625 466

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One response to “Garden Weeding
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  1. Hannah Avatar

    Peter did a great job weeding our garden beds.

First published: 29th May 2023

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